Q ) Why LCG ??
A ) We will never compromise on the quality of our product. We stand behind our products 100% and are dedicated to providing you with the best graphics available today.

Q ) Do you offer a guarantee ?
A ) Yes we do ! Guaranteed replacements if decals fail due to material manufacturer defects only *

Q) I want to design my own graphics from scratch , can I do that ?
A) Yes you can ! From a hand sketched design on a piece of paper to a professionally drawn up vector art file , if you have your own design you’d like to use e-mail it to us and we will adjust it to fit the template set for your bike

Q ) I don’t see my bike listed do you have graphics for it ?
A) 99% probability ! We have a huge catalog of templates for not only dirt bikes & street bikes but jet skis, snow mobiles etc . If you have a Gas Gas , Cobra, Aprilia, TM , Husaberg or similar niche brand drop us a note we’re pretty sure we have you covered !

Q ) I don’t need a complete set only a few items can I order just those ?
A ) YES !! E-mail us with what you need and we’ll produce just the items you need no problem.

Q ) I screwed a piece up during install can I order a replacement ?
A) Yes you can, e-mail us to order any replacements you need.

Q ) Do you supply plastic ?
A ) Not at this time. Although you can drop ship your new plastic direct to us and have us install your new graphics for you. We’ll ship them to you once installed.

Q ) I have a mini bike but don’t see it listed can you help ?
A) Yes we can ! We will be adding a dedicated mini bike section to the site shortly, in the meantime e-mail us with your bike make, year & model . We will confirm we have the templates and assist you with the ordering process.

Q) I want a graphics kit for my helmet and neckbrace do you do them ?
A) Yes we do helmet’s braces, boots and more. Just let us know what you need and we’ll take care of you.

Q ) Do you offer sponsorship ?
A ) Absolutely ! E-mail your resume and racing schedule to sales@lcggraphix.com and we’ll review it and get back with you ASAP.

*Restrictions apply, please e-mail us for more details on our warranty policies